Quality Policy of PT. MSE

We participate in promoting ìGo Greenî and Global Responsibility of Forest Preservation by using Recycled fiber as our raw materials in producing Duplex Board, thus we are FSC certified company.

What we are doing to support the environment:

  • Forest Preservation

    Our Duplex Board uses 100 % of recycled waste paper as the raw materials. We hope that by using recycled fiber we could contribute to the reduction of virgin pulp consumption that is believed as one of the cause of global forest destruction.

  • FSC Recycled Certified

    To ensure our customers that our Duplex Board uses responsible raw materials and resources, we have complied with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Procedure, License Code: FSC-C108037 (http://info.fsc.org/PublicCertificateDetails?id=a0240000007neeXAAQ). Therefore our valued customer would not have to worry about environment impact when using our Duplex Board.

  • Environmental Friendly Process

    Despite of using 100 % recycled raw materials, our Duplex Board production process is also environmental friendly.

    • We use enzyme for our Deinking and Bleaching process.
      We work together with as our enzyme supplier, it is a US company based in Dubai that focuses on Research and Development of Enzyme.
    • Our Bleaching process is chlorine free (TCF), we use only Hydrogen Peroxide which is odourless and harmless.
    • We use low sulphur black Coal supplied by our sister company for our Power Plant. Only 0.25 % sulphur content in the Coal. Our Power Plant is new and modern technology, there is no black smoke comes out of the chimney.

  • Responsible Suppliers and Human Resources

    In accordance to FSC Procedure, we also ensure that our suppliers and labors are coming from responsible resources.